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Get your Passport Card

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What is a Passport Card?

The passport card is a wallet sized travel card that is more convenient than carrying around your passport and is also cheaper than the passport book. The card can be used to re-enter the U.S. at land border crossing or ports of entry by sea from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. The card does have restrictions and cannot be used for international air travel

The cards validity is 10 years for an adult, five years for children age 16 and younger. Adults who already have a passport book may apply for the card at a reduced price. 

For more information on the Passport Card vs the Passport Book visit the Department of States Card vs Book chart.

How to get/renew your passport card:

You can apply for your passport card right here at Quick Stop! Bring in your current/valid(not expired more then 5 years) Passport Book/Card and we will take care of the rest! If you do not have a current/valid(not expired more then 5 years) Passport Book/Card we can help you with our initial passport process . We will have you in and out in under 20 minutes. We'll take care of the check, photo, barcode application, and certified USPS mailing of the documents to ensure that everything is done right the first time in the quickest way possible. 


View our Passport Package Options for mailing information and a breakdown of fees.