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For Initial Passports:

Getting a Passport for the first time? Was your previous Passport lost, stolen, mutilated or over 15 years old? Then you have come to the right place! The initial Passport application process can be a real headache, but we are here to help make it as easy and painless as possible! You will need to bring:

  1. Citizenship Evidence (original or certified copy of your birth certificate)
  2. Identification Card or Drivers License
  3. Proof of Relationship (for children under 16)
  4. Cash, Credit or Debit card for payment

We Will:

  • Provide a USPS money order for the Initial Passport fees
  • Produce a Professional Passport Photo
  • Create a Barcode Application
  • Provide a documentation check to ensure that  is correct, get everything in order for you to take to the courthouse so that you will not get sent away 

In as little as 48 hrs expedited, or the standard 6-8 weeks (usually 3-5 weeks) you will receive your requested Passport(s) in the mail to whatever address you specify.

For more information on documentation needed for initial Passports, please visit our Initial Passport Requirements Page.

For Passport Renewals:

Come in and leave all of your worries to us and rest assured that there will be nothing missed, and your Passport will be renewed on the first attempt. We have several options available to help you get it when you need it. We will take care of the entire process for you. Renewing your passport with Quick Stop is quick, painless and aggravation free! All you will need is:

  • Your current Passport Book/Card
  • Cash, Credit or Debit card for payment

Come do the process with us and your are done in one visit (usually around 15 minutes)

We will:

  • Write a check for the Passport Renewal
  • Produce a professional Passport Photo
  • Create a Barcode Application
  • We certify mail your renewal package to the Passport Office through USPS so we can track its succesful delivery. 

View our Passport Renewal Requirements page for more information